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One person’s suggestions for self-guided itineraries. My friends asked for this.

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Enjoy my ideas for self-guided walks by foot and public transport – as a local, or a tourist.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” (St Augustine)

I am pleased to announce Leisurewalks - a page dedicated to those who would like
to join me on my walks around town. I go and eat, drink, travel by foot or public 
transport, and can't help behaving like a tourist in my own city - and other 
cities too. 

I have lived in Melbourne, Brisbane and currently reside in Sydney and I love 
travelling...also global travel, but this blog here is currently mainly for 
sharing the knowledge I gained over the years with foreigners or locals who
want to see the city like I do.
I have experienced all three cities from a local's perspective.

About me: I am a mid forties male who in his spare time and on weekends likes to
set out and explore. I am an avid walker, however I don't do steep gradients or
mountains unless a bus or train gets me there, so even the less "fit" of you
will be fine with most of my suggestions. It is what they are: suggestions. No
one paid me to put up their recommendation (unless you see an ad), so they are MY
humble opinion, not that of Tripadvisor. So you may find yourself agreeing or
disagreeing with you and I won't take responsibility if you don't like what you
see or do, they are merely suggestions.

In the spirit of sharing, I aim to update this page gradually with suggestions 
for "one perfect day", to be enjoyed throughout the year :) - so get out there, 
and have fun following in my footsteps or create your own. Leave only footsteps

Without further ado, get to know Sydney: start here.

- Sascha