Itinerary: Barangaroo and Watsons Bay

Barangaroo to Watsons Bay – along the Bay in a Day

Access: Bus 311/324/325 from Stand C at Hyde Park in the city towards Walsh Bay to start the tour at Barangaroo and continue to Watsons Bay

Fuel Stop: Blak Market (Saturday), anywhere along the waterfront in Walsh Bay (pricey), Edgecliff: St Honore bakery, Watsons Bay: Fish and Chips

Duration: This is a half to full day tour. If you do this on a Saturday morning, the Blak Markets in Barangaroo are on as well.

Note: On a sunny day, this is the perfect Sydney “ocean” view route unless you go to Manly

The starting point for this tour is the Bus Stand C at Hyde Park just north of Museum Station, if you’re coming by train.

There are quite a few buses that go from here, but only buses 311/324/325 from here go to Walsh Bay, and stop (4 stops) at Barangaroo Reserve. Get off there.

At Barangaroo capture the view across the bay from where you get off the bus, then walk right up the lift (or the stairs) to Stargazer Lawn, and head down the other side towards Towns Place. Veer left into the piers and you can walk along the waterfront and have a bite somewhere. Restaurants here are nice, but pricey, and you may need to prebook a table. A map of the area is here.

If you are not hungry yet, grab a bus from Hickson Rd opposite the Wharf Theatres, it’s only the 324 and 325 going from there. Both buses do a fairly similar route, they go from here to the city, and on to Edgecliff Station and Rose Bay. From there, they split, and the 325 is the one you want to take you all along the foreshore. So if you’re going all the way through to Watsons Bay, stay on the 325.

If you want to get off at Edgecliff Station, you can catch either 324 or 325 as they have the same route until then (buses stop ON TOP OF the station), and walk through to road level for a coffee and pastry at St Honoré French bakery. From here, obviously catch only the 325 to go the scenic route. Mind you, both 324 and 325 get to Watsons Bay in the end, but it’s the 325 that is more scenic.

When you get to Watsons Bay, have an ice cream or coffee at Gelatissimo or a light meal at Tucker Bar next door on Military Rd just back of where the bus terminates, or walk down the lawn and left to Dunbar House if you get a table. Or, get some Fish and Chips from Doyles at the end of the park near the ferry wharf. It’s not too pricey if you do the takeaway option at Doyles left of the ferry pier.

Or simply sit on a bench or the lawn, and enjoy the panoramic view of the harbour.

From here, catch a ferry back to Circular Quay. Tap on before you enter the pier, and queue left. The right hand queue is for a trip to Manly from Watsons Bay on the Manly Fast Ferry or Captain Cook Cruises, but you’ll need to buy a separate ticket for there, and we can save Manly for another day or trip.

The Sydney Ferries (F7) stop at Rose Bay (back where the bus went past), and from then head back to Circular Quay. They are usually Catamaran style ferries and they usually leave on the hour and half hour, but late at night the last ferry is around 9.30pm (which is non-stop to Circular Quay), after that you’ll need to catch the bus. Standing at the front of the ferry is best for views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, after the Rose Bay stop.

History piece: Doyles has been at Watsons Bay since 1885.


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